Why haven’t you been fired yet.

Unless you do something dramatic like shooting the boss, being nasty to junior staff, coming up with a good idea or serving the clients etc. It is very difficult to sack someone. The process is time consuming for management , nobody actually likes doing. Besides there is a good chance that you will get someone worse. Better the devil you know.

Once I had a boss that done something so stupid that couldn’t sack him.

Richard III’s Final resting place.

It really is a strange thing to argue about, where should a late medieval king be interred. Especially one that has much maligned. Even the judge hearing the case thinks rather strange. Coming from someone whose life’s work mainly consists of listening to improbable tales and specious and spurious arguments.He was truly saying something.

He was a person as well as a king. So like everyone else is due the dignity of funeral. So we should treat the matter with the usual respect.
Normally people are laid to with their kinsfolk and comrades .

Finally has everyone forgot. He was of the old faith and it was important to him. So how about a funeral he recognise. The old Latin mass with the plain chant. It would show him respect.

Another Town Bypassed.

On Friday when traveling to and from Glencoe I saw the works in progress of the Crianlarich bypass. Part of road the improvement program on the A82 road that started in the nineteen eighties.The junction with the A85 will be much safer. The Crianlarich residents will feel safer too. We won’t have negotiate the low, narrow railway bridge when heading west.Even for the familiar it was a hazard.

No easy civil engineering; with the demanding logistics, topography and ecology. The weather is a constant grind. A good word for the financial planners as well.

Every time I see a town bypassed, Ronnie Barker’s line about national bypass network appears in my mind. Now you will be able drive all day a go nowhere. I still laugh at that line. I always felt that once you had turned on the A85 at Crianlarich you had entered the Highlands. The narrow arch of the Railway bridge gave quaintness to the scene. The road sign is a memory from childhood too. With every gain there is a loss, old roads aren’t remembered. I don’t drive a coach or an articulated wagon either.

Fresh Thursday

I thought it was January this morning when I woke up. It was dark and raining. I rose, had breakfast, did some chores, showered, then to mass at the convent.

The reading were about bearing judgement on people. A visit to the dentist for a check up was next. Only a small chip to be repaired, relief. Next a brief visit to the estate agent. Coffee in the Cafe Renard. Tried to find out more about the yoga in Fairlie, no luck.

The weather didn.t put me off my trip to Millport in the afternoon. I took the two fifteen ferry across. The walk to Millport is special to me. My usual route is up to the summit, resting at the Glaide stone the downhill to Millport. I love this walk maybe five or six miles, it’s the views and colours. I colours as the sun was setting, soft blues, yellows and greys. Clear. I stop for a tea before going back via the ferry road a much refreshed man. While I taking a tea I saw a seal playing in surf. There is something about the ferry run back in the dark.

The ferry skipper did well in the gale.


If there is such a thing as the Wednesday dip, today must be proof. As I just pottered along to-day. I was late for mass arriving at reading. Came home did some stuff , fixed the puncture on my bike. Had lunch, then more stuff. Met mum at Wilkies shop to help choose a winter coat. And a coffee at Nardini’s

Dull and rainy, weather wasn’t that kind that made you want to out and energetic.

I must check out the times of the yoga classes in Fairlie, as I got wrong and missed today’s class.

Checking my accounts, a quiet time is on the agenda.

Tuesday the day of the haircut in Glasgow

I thought I would get my hair cut after my yoga class in the west end. I never made it to my class through a combination late departing from home, road closures and traffic. After a coffee I set out to find a hairdresser. One I could trust. My hair was over grown and wild. There was a time when I went to posh hairdressers as a matter of unquestioned routine. But not since maybe 2008 ? Can’t really remember. Eventually I went in and made appointment with a stylist in the Allan Edwards salon in the merchant city quarter of Glasgow. The cost shocked me, there was distinguished looking gentle man being finished off. He was silver haired a lawyer ? I was a great experience, wonderful haircut done by an expert stylist. You had really been good to yourself. She was a real Glasgow lass, tough with a soft heart and no nonsense. You could be doing we a girl like her.

The day was completed by lunch and nosing about familiar places before heading home at four. Again reconnecting with my locality.

Went to see mum in the evening.

First post

This is my first post on this website. Third day home from the boat first day of sunshine. Too good a day waste, some work in the morning but no haircut. They were all closed.

After lunch I headed out on the bike for usual route. Largs to West Kilbride then the old Ardrosssan high road to its summit returning via West Kilbride and Portencross. I have never counted the miles only enjoyed the run. My body was crying out for exercise stiff with aches. After the trip it is real joy to do this ride. To see familiar views and ride known roads, all very comforting, connecting with the locality. Good to be back home. Stopped for coffee in West Kilbride on the homeward leg, second stop Portencross. On the track at Third Part farm the rear wheel punctured. Ho hum, so I pushed the bike home. Just over two hours it took, nearly nine miles in a chilly evening. Any anger at the misfortune was easily slipped, the walk did me Continue reading