This is my first post on this website. Third day home from the boat first day of sunshine. Too good a day waste, some work in the morning but no haircut. They were all closed.

After lunch I headed out on the bike for usual route. Largs to West Kilbride then the old Ardrosssan high road to its summit returning via West Kilbride and Portencross. I have never counted the miles only enjoyed the run. My body was crying out for exercise stiff with aches. After the trip it is real joy to do this ride. To see familiar views and ride known roads, all very comforting, connecting with the locality. Good to be back home. Stopped for coffee in West Kilbride on the homeward leg, second stop Portencross. On the track at Third Part farm the rear wheel punctured. Ho hum, so I pushed the bike home. Just over two hours it took, nearly nine miles in a chilly evening. Any anger at the misfortune was easily slipped, the walk did me good.