I thought it was January this morning when I woke up. It was dark and raining. I rose, had breakfast, did some chores, showered, then to mass at the convent.

The reading were about bearing judgement on people. A visit to the dentist for a check up was next. Only a small chip to be repaired, relief. Next a brief visit to the estate agent. Coffee in the Cafe Renard. Tried to find out more about the yoga in Fairlie, no luck.

The weather didn.t put me off my trip to Millport in the afternoon. I took the two fifteen ferry across. The walk to Millport is special to me. My usual route is up to the summit, resting at the Glaide stone the downhill to Millport. I love this walk maybe five or six miles, it’s the views and colours. I colours as the sun was setting, soft blues, yellows and greys. Clear. I stop for a tea before going back via the ferry road a much refreshed man. While I taking a tea I saw a seal playing in surf. There is something about the ferry run back in the dark.

The ferry skipper did well in the gale.