On Friday when traveling to and from Glencoe I saw the works in progress of the Crianlarich bypass. Part of road the improvement program on the A82 road that started in the nineteen eighties.The junction with the A85 will be much safer. The Crianlarich residents will feel safer too. We won’t have negotiate the low, narrow railway bridge when heading west.Even for the familiar it was a hazard.

No easy civil engineering; with the demanding logistics, topography and ecology. The weather is a constant grind. A good word for the financial planners as well.

Every time I see a town bypassed, Ronnie Barker’s line about national bypass network appears in my mind. Now you will be able drive all day a go nowhere. I still laugh at that line. I always felt that once you had turned on the A85 at Crianlarich you had entered the Highlands. The narrow arch of the Railway bridge gave quaintness to the scene. The road sign is a memory from childhood too. With every gain there is a loss, old roads aren’t remembered. I don’t drive a coach or an articulated wagon either.