I thought I would get my hair cut after my yoga class in the west end. I never made it to my class through a combination late departing from home, road closures and traffic. After a coffee I set out to find a hairdresser. One I could trust. My hair was over grown and wild. There was a time when I went to posh hairdressers as a matter of unquestioned routine. But not since maybe 2008 ? Can’t really remember. Eventually I went in and made appointment with a stylist in the Allan Edwards salon in the merchant city quarter of Glasgow. The cost shocked me, there was distinguished looking gentle man being finished off. He was silver haired a lawyer ? I was a great experience, wonderful haircut done by an expert stylist. You had really been good to yourself. She was a real Glasgow lass, tough with a soft heart and no nonsense. You could be doing we a girl like her.

The day was completed by lunch and nosing about familiar places before heading home at four. Again reconnecting with my locality.

Went to see mum in the evening.